Why So Silent Good Monsieur?

Hello all!  So sorry for the viel of silence, just a quick update for you all.  I’ve been crazy busy with work and trying to get all of my applications for school in – I swear trying to get all of this information complete, the transcripts, the letters, the applications, is more difficult for a PhD program than any other program I’ve applied for!  I am also returning to New Jersey for ten day (TEN DAYS!) on the 21st of December.  Stay tuned for some new posts, one regaling you all with the story of Turkey Day and others which are some writing I’ve been doing…yes I’ve been doing other writing, which is taking up my time as well.

Thanks for checking in!


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  1. Hey, how busy are you????? Any new info. on the PhD programs?????
    Veil of silence……anyway- I am counting the days to seeing you so I can antagonize you with the motherly pita things that I do. Do not plan any days with your friends- we have a schedule that will keep you busy- 24th is at our house, 25th is at the grazi house, 27th is at Dana’s house and one day we hit New York or whatever. Also, I will take you up on cooking lunch and dessert…….
    Hmmm, do you have time for anything else????
    House of Chintz Mom
    Love Ya!!!!!

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