Letter To God

Dear God,

Hey what’s up!  Thanks for reading this.  There’s been something I’ve been meaning to ask you – what the hell gives with life, seriously?  I don’t want any meaning to life, I just don’t get why it has to be so damned hard sometimes.  I mean is this some kinda joke to you?  Or something else?  I’m just kinda frustrated, God.  I try very hard to do what I think will bring me success.  I utilize what tallents I have to help my friends and family.  I mean sure, I could probably do a lot more for others.  If it’s true that the real measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do absolutely nothing for him, then I guess I come up short.  Is that it?  Am I not walking my talk?

Why did you put people here that’re unwilling to care about their fellow man?  Isn’t that what you taught?  Why would you put people on this planet that are completely unwilling to do anything but look out for themselves?  Is it different up there?  Do people actually care about one another in heaven?  Please don’t tell me it’s like it is down here, otherwise I don’t ever want to come.  It’s really hard down here, God.  Do you realize that?  There are a LOT of starving people, and lots of sick people too, it’s very scary, we’re slowly killing ourselves by poisioning our bodies, our earth, our water – it just doesn’t seem like there’s anything right happening down here.  People are uncaring and it almost seems as if they’re TRYING to kill the planet.  Really, God, what’s the deal?

Are you even in control?  Or did you just put us here and leave us to our own damn devices?  If this is the best we can do as a people, I’d like to resign right here and now.  Can I have my own planet, or at least a continent…I’d settle for a state.

But what would happen if we all got our own place, away from all the uncaring people?  I guess we’d never help anyone, or be helped. Huh…maybe that’s the point, we just need to realize it’s not about “me.”

Thanks for reading this God.


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  1. It is hard here. It is appalling to see people starving, abused, murdered and treated as nothing but dirt. But, it’s not God who has allowed all of this. This all comes from the sin and darkness of man. Do you really think that God wants all of this for us? Do you really think that God enjoys seeing what we, as the United States, have become? We have fallen so far away from the nation we once were. It’s not because of God. . Satan rules this world…Satan instills in those the wickedness to perform such evil acts. Satan will do his best to keep us away from knowing God, from doing what is right and convincing us that as long as we are happy in whatever we do, it’s okay. God loves us and wants us to have an abundant life in Him But, we all , individually have a choice to make. What do we want to do with our lives? God loves us and gave us His very best. He did not want sin to separate us from Him. So what did He do? He sent His Son, Jesus, as a babe in Bethlehem and allowed Him to be crucified on that cross. Christ did not have to leave His heavenly home, suffer the pain of the cross and take all of our sins upon Him…He did it because He loves each and every one of us. No matter what we do, He loves us. Yes, God is in control of everything that happens here. But, we have a choice…to live for Him or for ourselves. To be faithful to Him or to be selfish and destructive. The choice is ours to make.

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