I Am Not A Democrat, I Am Not A Republican

There has been a heated discussion going around my family today over the results of the election.  I frankly am very excited to have heard that we had the highest percentage of voter turnout in a century – now that’s what counts.  This family discussion which has gotten heated has been via email.  Below is my one and only response to all of it.  It may seem a tad ideological, but you’ll forgive me if I’m not old enough to be jaded just yet:

“Let us all embrace those who feel scared and uncertain with the election results and continue to let them know that “we are going to do this together.”  Every time they try to diminish your happiness, enthusiasm or overall contentment with our new President, just smile, and thank them for taking their time to share what’s occurring for them. Say “thank you for sharing that with me.  now let’s work together to unite and strengthen our country.”   Take what the President-elect speaks of, working together for a better future, and encourage others to follow that lead.  When you transform your way of being, others transform around you.  Let those sometimes foolish remarks roll off your back like so much water off the back of a duck.  Don’t stoke the flames of discontent, instead, just keep building bridges because, yes, change is coming- but not if we don’t hold our fellow Americans tight and let them know that there is no “us” or “them,” just we the people. ”


There’s been enough division.  It’s time to unite.  A house divided against itself cannot stand. 



  1. Hello my fellow Americans!
    All who voted , I congratulate you for taking the time ,and for some, the first to cast a ballot in any type of election. I don’t feel that the family was divided as much as we just don’t understand the whole political background of our country. All I ask for is that the young people go out and be involved in government so that you can say-“I tried to change the US, or I can make the changes I feel are good for the country because I have been involved in politics. Don’t gripe about others feelings or atttitudes, just show us what you are planning to do to make this country the best it can be-the choice is yours! We have so many educated young adults who need to help our country unite-so, get with it.
    As for you tanthony, I think that you can be a very powerful political force in our nation-begin to work on local government and you will succeed on any road you desire to travel- You have the gift to gab, make those connections! You are missing your true calling.

  2. That’s the can-do attitude that we all need, Yolanda!

  3. Well said T. Anthony. Now that it is over lets unit in understanding that what ever happens in the next 4-years weather good or bad was the discision we mad by doing our duty by voteing. No one man can change this country it takes WE THE PEOPLE to make a differance.

  4. We may have heated political arguments within our family, but in the end we all respect each other and no matter what happens, will stand up for each other. We voted our conscious…one had to win, one had to lose. We are all proud to be Americans and grateful to live in a land where we have the freedom to worship and vote as we please. Let’s be thankful for that and look ahead to what is to come. By the way…turn on some Christmas music…it’ll really make you feel good!!!especially when the song “Dashing through the SNOW” comes on!

  5. *shiver* I don’t even want to THINK of snow..I’m too busy freezing in the air conditioning of my office!

  6. Snow…whats that….man I love Arizona

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