Trapped In Vegas

So we are trapped in Vegas.  We left for Vegas on Friday, just before the big storm hit Houston, now IAH (our airport) is shut down, and there’s talks of Continental not resuming flights for 10 days.  We had NO idea it was that bad.  I’ve suggested driving back to Houston, but my partner has pointed out that with no electricity and no water pressure, what’s the point.  Then I suggested flying from Vegas to New York and staying with my family out there.  My partner poo poo’d that idea on the basis of expense.

On the plus side, Reliant stadium was damaged pretty baddly…my car was parked over there, and the stadiums roof was ripped so I’m hoping it landed right on my car!  WOO! hahaha.  Well I guess there could be a worse place to be stuck, and now we’ll get to see some other hotels.  I’m off to check out hotel prices for the next 3 days, that’s when our flight has been rescheduled to.



  1. dink…the news was screaming about it for days and you didn’t know it would be that bad? Who are you, FEMA?

  2. It’ll probably cost you more to stay in Vegas than to fly to NJ and stay with family. I wondered what you were going to do if you couldn’t fly back to Houston. Take care!

    Aunt Marie

  3. Nice an extended vacation! Where are you staying?

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