In Memory Of Those Who Never Came Home

One thing I’ve noticed since moving to the South is that 9/11 certainly did not effect the entire United States.  Being from the New York area it’s a totally different experience, below is dedicated to the fallen.

Once I am gone,
tears flow like wine,
and tissues lay to the side soiled with sobs and moans,
look to me to only know where I am…
in the music that we listened to,
the movies that we watched,
the memories that you have and the love that we shared.
Once I am gone and cold, do not forget me, for then I am truly, truly dead and gone
for where else may I live but
in your mind,
your heart,
your soul?
As you bid goodbye, hold my hand and touch my face,
let the love,
the pain,
the sorrow spill over as the banks of an engorged rivers edge,
let the emotion run free and spread in torrents as you
you walk away,
from what is nothing more than a shell
and realize quickly that the one I was,
the one I am,
whoever I have been to you, is what my life was and always will be…
the physical ages,
degrades and disappears,
as we are given charge of continuing the life that we think extinguished.
In our minds
and hearts
as we go through the day,
and hoping for some
some rhyme to all of this, and none of that
we look, as we go,
and we hope, as we learn that we shall someday, somewhere find the reason,
the explanation to the questions
to the answers
of the life that we live,
the pain that we breathe
and the agony that we love…
once I am gone,
the dark, cool night wrapping its arms
tightly around my waist,
cry for your pain,
cry for your loss
but do not cry because I am gone
for I am not



  1. Its still thick in the air hear. After 7 years the pain is still felt throughout the area. Even though we are an hour from the city every talk radio station here had a moment of silence. At what point is it ok to move on or is it ever ok to move on? It seems selfish not to morn on this day but then again this was a great turning point in millions of lives. An awakening of sorts. Lets just hope we dont go and put our heads back in the sand or next time it might be something we will not recover from.

  2. I can’t believe after 7 years:

    There’s still no memorial

    There’s still no freedom tower

    We still haven’t caught Osama bin Laden

    These three things are each a national disgrace.

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