JC Sandoval

JC Sandoval is the woman behind the “ReThink You” program, which the company I work for promotes.  Eric, my boss, met her a year ago after taking the program, loved the program and now has formed a company around being the North American team to promote and present “ReThink You.”  When my coworker, Tara, and I first heard about JC our B.S. detectors went off, and it only got worse after we met her.

The woman is a very effervescent individual, you’d be hard pressed not to enjoy her company, she claims to be a big wig in the Mind Industry – an industry comprised of new age thinking and most famously known for positive thinking techniques and movies, i.e. The Secret.

JC makes a lot of claims for her notoriety.  She says that ReThink You is famous across the world, though as the marketing manager I cannot find any information on the program or the company, she claims that there are 100,000 graduates from 100 countries, but this number changes weekly, going up, going down, and back up again.  JC also claims that ReThink You is HUGE is China and Malyasia and that she has met with the Minister of Education in China and is instrumental in creating orphanages in China for children affected by AIDS.

A quick Google search disproves all of this.  Her name is nowhere online except for her own promotional sites.  All of the individuals she says she’s helped don’t even recognize her in the dedications of their books…where they seem to thank everyone, right down to that dog they had when they were 5.  I can find no evidence that ReThink You is even in China or Malaysia, save, once again, her own personal promotional sites.  I can’t even locate any information on orphanages in China that she supposedly helped to fund and create.

I bring this to the attention of Eric.
“Eric, I can’t find any proof of JC’s claims.  I mean, I need to know what’s going on here, I’m trying to present a certain face to the public here of us and our programs, but I can’t get any clear picture.”

“Well, Anthony, you can’t really depend on your usual techniques and education to get the answers you want in this industry, sometimes it’s just not valid.”

“What?  I’m not asking for anything special, I just need proof that what she’s claiming is true.  All it’s going to take is one person to call us out on not having proof to bring everything down.  You have to think that if I’m asking these questions, someone else is too.”

Eric’s not pleased with this response, he just wants me to accept JC’s statements as facts before they actually are one.

“Look, Eric, there’s no continuity here.  Our statistics change constantly, I mean weekly.  I get that there are supposedly thousands of grads in the AsiaPac region weekly, but chaning the stats so often does not communicate a positive message.  If we changed them once a quarter or better yet, twice a year, then yes, it shows consistent growth.  But this method screams scam.”

He goes on a leg about how this industry is different and how it’s difficult to get information out of China’s censored media.  How I need to trust JC and him and how my usual marketing tactics can’t be implemented in this industry.  I shoot back with “well didn’t you tell me you hired me for my marketing education and experience?”  He doesn’t like that either, we complete the conversation with him asking me to rewrite a biography for JC for a promotional piece.

I go back to my desk, readthrough what JC wrote and begin paring it down and making it make sense.  I come across one section that sparks interest “The ReThink You program is so big in China that their most prestigious university, Beijing University, holds the program weekly for college credit.”

Hmm….surely a University website wouldn’t censor information on the programs it offers for credit, and Beijing U is a very well respected international University.  I search the english version of the site.  I can’t find anything.  I keep looking.  I utilize every internet research method that I have, to try and find any tiny piece of data linking JC to Beijing University or to China.  Nothing.  I find nothing.

I don’t care what anyone says about any industry.  Tried and true methods of marketing and business are in use today for one reason and one reason only; they WORK.  Having only recently graduated with my MBA I’m still in “prove it” mode, which I like, I love research.  I have been taught to research a fact before it becomes one…and JC Sandoval has no facts.


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  1. I imagine this sort of thing isn’t all that uncommon. In a society where self-advancement is the trait we reward above all others, it’s awfully tempting to push for short-term benefits from scams like this.

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