Where Is My Country?

My Fellow Americans,

We have failed our great country and she is calling out for our help. While wars rage overseas, there are silent wars ravaging us at home from coast to coast. Wars of a nation torn apart by politicians. We have failed our founding fathers by not making accountable those who we have elected to office, by not demanding control of the nation that we as a people have been gifted with.

Our country cries out as our rights are eaten away and our intelligence has vanished as we’ve promoted politicians to the level of messiah and savior. We have chosen to fight each other, rather than demand the checks and balances we were promised. We are distracted by the news that is filtered to us by a media that is biased in every direction but truth

Where are my Americans? Where are my countrymen? Where are the one’s who remember that our country and our freedom is not something that can be packaged up and purchased by Proctor and Gamble Why isn’t anyone up in arms over this – our failing nation.

We sit by, idly as the dollar disintegrates, our manufacturing industry goes bankrupt, our children are sick and our men and women overseas go unsupported. Where is your sense of protection for the land that we live in, America? Where is the sense that “No, we will not let our country be hijacked!” How have we as a people allowed ourselves to be distracted by a few flittering strands of fabric and muscled up half-wits prancing across our screens? How can we even stand proud and salute the flag when we have done NOTHING to create that “more perfect union?”

A large majority of our population will soon be retiring, and aging, and living much longer than anticipated when they were born…where are the preparations? Corporate tax cuts are continuing to shrink the all important middle class…where is the uproar? I can be held indefinitely in prison if the FBI decides to review my recent purchases from Amazon.com, and decides they don’t like it….WHERE IS MY COUNTRY?

The same country that harnessed atomic power for civilian use in 9 years hasn’t even been develop new forms of energy – for homes or cars – for 30 years! (the amount of time since the first fuel crisis) Yet we all sit by with a case of Not My Problem. Well wake up America, this is your problem. Don’t cry when our country can no longer provide for us, don’t yell when our democracy fails and don’t ponder “what happened?” when suddenly we’re voting for President CEO and Vice President CFO….again.

We are all stewards of this nation, its law, its rights and it’s ideals. We are the doctors our country turns to when it’s sick and in need of help. America….our patient is gravely ill



  1. who are you voting for and why?

  2. I’d prefer not to disclose my vote, though I will say I’ve made no choice yet.

    My one comment on the matter will be this; It’s sad that we are always only given the choice of the lesser of two evils.

  3. We really don’t have a choice since there are only two parties to pick from. Independents don’t really have anyone either.

    As far as who I am voting for…it will be McCain. The main reason is that he is pro-life. Others reasons include the fact that since he’s been an honored veteran and long-time senator, who knows what he’s doing and how to do it. He’s reached across the aisle and is able to work with the other side. Also, if McCain is elected he will not raise taxes and will get us out of Iraq at the right time…even though I see today that the day to pull out is 2011. Anyway…as a cousin of mine said…no matter who is elected…I still have to get up and go to work the next day.

    By the way…I enjoy reading your blog.

  4. I’m so happy to hear you enjoy reading my blog, thank you 🙂

    I have to say about McCain, I do like the fact that he’s shown he can work with both Republicans and Democrats and doesn’t play too much into that bipartisan bull crap.

  5. Great post. Our nation certainly has become directionless. However I can’t say I feel McCain will bring us in the right direction. He’s just not the man he was in 2000 when he ran against Bush for the GOP nomination. I’d’ve voted for him then. Now, I look at a man who wants to give more tax cuts to the rich than the poor, won’t support a woman’s rights over her own body, and can’t come up with a solution to our dwindling fuel supply more comprehensive than “suck up more, faster.” In contrast to that, Obama’s plans to adjust the tax code to place the larger income tax burden on the highest two brackets and provide cuts for the everyone else, invest in alternative energy, and pursue a more intelligent foreign policy than “shoot first, ask no questions” seems like a blessing. I’m aware the man’s far from perfect but having watched McCain’s fall from grace of the past 8 years, I’ll take Obama.

  6. what is sad is that I have heard a lot of people say they just arent voting because they dont want either of them. This is going to be a hard one for me. At first I was all for Obama I am not a Hilary Fan… but as time has gone by I am not that thrilled with Obama either. I guess I will watch the debates and pray that when I am in the booth divine intervention will step in and help me pick the right candidate.
    Question: Even if someone is pro life does that mean he can really change the constitution (god I wish they had spell check on these things)? Or that he really will? Bush didnt change it and he was there 8 year? So what makes everyone think McCain will? I think God gave us free will. And if that is the road a woman wants to travel down that is between her and God… not me. I am not saying I agree or disagree with the issue but you cant make it ok for some -woman who could die because of the baby or other complications or even rape and not ok for woman that use it at birth control- though I may disagree with their choice its all or nothing and as I said before its between them and God. Not me.
    As far as Iraq who knows! All I know is that war is bad. Its not good for anyone. But I also know that you cant start something like that and just walk away. So I am just really confused.
    I wish Gore was running it would be easier to pick. I did like Ron Pauls issues too. In fact if he stood a chance I would vote for him.

  7. Just because he’s pro-life doesn’t mean he CAN change the law, however, he will have the power to appoint Justices of the Supreme Court – the one’s who make these decisions on what is legal or not, when no one else can figure it out.

    Bush has appointed two heavily right leaning individuals to replace one Justice who retired and the other who passed away. I personally feel that a Judge’s only job is to enforce the law as it is written, and it is up to the people to change the law if they don’t like it.

    So, in short, no he can’t really just go and change it – but he can make it thousands of times more difficult to get one, or even allow medical professionals to refuse service to people seeking one.

  8. The President CANNOT Appoint judges to the Supreme Court. Common misconception. He nominates judges then they have to go through congress and be approved by them.

  9. Thanks for the clarity on that point, Eddie

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