Transforming Transformation…

So I’m an over educated Generation Y child of baby boomers…or at least that’s what the US Census bureau tells me. I’m a minority of the majority who’s going to be a minority minutely. I’m like most people of my generalized generation – money holds much less importance to me than it has to others, I tend not to tolerate anything in my job that translates into undue stress or a job I don’t love.

My focus is my peace, my personal happiness and my joy of life…and they call us selfish…

I work for a vague company teaching vague ideas in what can only be called a vague industry…the industry of transformation. When I first heard that, I immediately thought “more than meets the eye,” but that could probably be attributed to the fact that I had just seen the Transformer’s movie…which, by the way, has nothing to do with the transformation this company was talking about.

This company sounded great when everything began – fair pay, benefits, profit sharing, a great space to work in and a very open and communicative team…well, we all know what happens to the best layed plans.

Fair pay turned out to be not so much, profit sharing would be great – were there any profits – three months in, and no benefits…but this was all fine with me, I really, truly enjoy working with such an awesome team of individuals. I still have a great space in which to work, and a great co-worker….

That all ended on Saturday morning. I received an email from my boss, Eric. Not only did he berate me for not completing projects which were already complete, but he berated me for not completing a project I was asked not to complete. I was left with this little gem: “I’m frustrated because I see you happy and content with being an employee.”

Um….what? I’m sorry, did you just say you’re concerned because one of your employees is happy and content being such? I was almost tempted to write back and say “I’m frustrated because you pay me on time.”

The company isn’t doing very well. That’s no secret, in-fact, we’ve almost burnt through all of our cash. I’m already looking for a lifeboat off this ship.

But as I said – I’m an over education Gen Y, I tend not to tolerate office politics or blame-laying. My resume reads like a list of some of the top media companies in New York City, peppered with no names and burn outs that were supposed to have had their “niche.”

I’m not even 30 and I’m already sick of this crap. Sure a beautiful office is nice, but what’s the use if you can’t meet your bills? Sure money is great, but what’s the point if you hate your job? Is my generation really the only one who asked these questions, or is it that we’re the ones who’ve finally stood up and said “sorry, this isn’t the way it’s going to be.”




  1. I think it started with my generation but it seems your generation has taken it a step further… sometimes to the point of plan laziness.
    Our grandparents would work to put food on the table, it did not matter what they did. Shovel shit, sew buttons on shirts, or even tend the cattle.
    Our parents did the same but started realizing that they could do other things, things that made them happy, not following in their parents foot steps. An education was easier to get but it had to be done at nights while you were a shit job or you had big loans later on.
    Then my generation came along and realized wait! I can find a job I like, make money, and be happy. Education was a must! Parents chipped in and kids got jobs to pay off other expenses.
    Then your generation came along and said- I should be given the job I want, make the money I want and be happy enough to get 4 weeks vacation and health insurance in the first month. Parents paid for college, cell phone, car, and whatever else their little darling needed.
    The next generation- god help them. They wont even be able to walk out their doors without fear of peanuts, airborne allergies, being off the internet for 10 minutes or even being separated from their cell phones or ipods. They will not need to hold down a job cause mom and dad will pay for everything and soon China will take over and we will be popping out of boxes for them. (refernece to the opening ceremonies)

  2. I couldn’t agree more…now the question is, is this progress? Where are we going with this concept of all deserving? Do we really believe we’re all deserving or are we just saying “listen, this is what I need to be happy and content.”

    Looking at some of the most advanced countries, education is free, poverty is nearly nonexistent, health care is free, and the population in one such country, Norway, consistently ranks as the happiest in the world.

    I agree, we’re getting lazy, but maybe someone will finally say “here’s the better way to do it.”

  3. Healthcare is never free…the money to pay for it comes from somewhere

  4. And actually to go a step further…I think our grandparents and parents were much happier than we are as a generation because they understood that work is work. You do it to make a living. You find fulfillment through family and friends. They did not look at jobs as being beneath them. They took jobs to provide for their families. In other words they were focused on others. The past few generations are more of a me, me, me generation. I am entitled to a free education. I am entitled to a job that I want as soon as I get out of the college that was paid for by others, I am entitled to be happy, I am entitled, I am entitled, I am entitled. It has become a very selfish and lazy generation. that is why it seems like we are so unhappy. We are unhappy because we are only concerned with ourselves and our feelings and whether or not we are happy because of our circumstances.

  5. I agree, nobody wants to take responsibility for their own lives or own direction, they just blame blame blame instead of getting off their buts and doing anything

  6. waiting for another blog… bring it on!

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