Where Is My Country?

My Fellow Americans,

We have failed our great country and she is calling out for our help. While wars rage overseas, there are silent wars ravaging us at home from coast to coast. Wars of a nation torn apart by politicians. We have failed our founding fathers by not making accountable those who we have elected to office, by not demanding control of the nation that we as a people have been gifted with.

Our country cries out as our rights are eaten away and our intelligence has vanished as we’ve promoted politicians to the level of messiah and savior. We have chosen to fight each other, rather than demand the checks and balances we were promised. We are distracted by the news that is filtered to us by a media that is biased in every direction but truth

Where are my Americans? Where are my countrymen? Where are the one’s who remember that our country and our freedom is not something that can be packaged up and purchased by Proctor and Gamble Why isn’t anyone up in arms over this – our failing nation.

We sit by, idly as the dollar disintegrates, our manufacturing industry goes bankrupt, our children are sick and our men and women overseas go unsupported. Where is your sense of protection for the land that we live in, America? Where is the sense that “No, we will not let our country be hijacked!” How have we as a people allowed ourselves to be distracted by a few flittering strands of fabric and muscled up half-wits prancing across our screens? How can we even stand proud and salute the flag when we have done NOTHING to create that “more perfect union?”

A large majority of our population will soon be retiring, and aging, and living much longer than anticipated when they were born…where are the preparations? Corporate tax cuts are continuing to shrink the all important middle class…where is the uproar? I can be held indefinitely in prison if the FBI decides to review my recent purchases from Amazon.com, and decides they don’t like it….WHERE IS MY COUNTRY?

The same country that harnessed atomic power for civilian use in 9 years hasn’t even been develop new forms of energy – for homes or cars – for 30 years! (the amount of time since the first fuel crisis) Yet we all sit by with a case of Not My Problem. Well wake up America, this is your problem. Don’t cry when our country can no longer provide for us, don’t yell when our democracy fails and don’t ponder “what happened?” when suddenly we’re voting for President CEO and Vice President CFO….again.

We are all stewards of this nation, its law, its rights and it’s ideals. We are the doctors our country turns to when it’s sick and in need of help. America….our patient is gravely ill


Transforming Transformation…

So I’m an over educated Generation Y child of baby boomers…or at least that’s what the US Census bureau tells me. I’m a minority of the majority who’s going to be a minority minutely. I’m like most people of my generalized generation – money holds much less importance to me than it has to others, I tend not to tolerate anything in my job that translates into undue stress or a job I don’t love.

My focus is my peace, my personal happiness and my joy of life…and they call us selfish…

I work for a vague company teaching vague ideas in what can only be called a vague industry…the industry of transformation. When I first heard that, I immediately thought “more than meets the eye,” but that could probably be attributed to the fact that I had just seen the Transformer’s movie…which, by the way, has nothing to do with the transformation this company was talking about.

This company sounded great when everything began – fair pay, benefits, profit sharing, a great space to work in and a very open and communicative team…well, we all know what happens to the best layed plans.

Fair pay turned out to be not so much, profit sharing would be great – were there any profits – three months in, and no benefits…but this was all fine with me, I really, truly enjoy working with such an awesome team of individuals. I still have a great space in which to work, and a great co-worker….

That all ended on Saturday morning. I received an email from my boss, Eric. Not only did he berate me for not completing projects which were already complete, but he berated me for not completing a project I was asked not to complete. I was left with this little gem: “I’m frustrated because I see you happy and content with being an employee.”

Um….what? I’m sorry, did you just say you’re concerned because one of your employees is happy and content being such? I was almost tempted to write back and say “I’m frustrated because you pay me on time.”

The company isn’t doing very well. That’s no secret, in-fact, we’ve almost burnt through all of our cash. I’m already looking for a lifeboat off this ship.

But as I said – I’m an over education Gen Y, I tend not to tolerate office politics or blame-laying. My resume reads like a list of some of the top media companies in New York City, peppered with no names and burn outs that were supposed to have had their “niche.”

I’m not even 30 and I’m already sick of this crap. Sure a beautiful office is nice, but what’s the use if you can’t meet your bills? Sure money is great, but what’s the point if you hate your job? Is my generation really the only one who asked these questions, or is it that we’re the ones who’ve finally stood up and said “sorry, this isn’t the way it’s going to be.”


First Words…

Well, this is it, my first words…better make it good….um….damn. The trouble with first impressions is that you never get to make one twice…well you’re all here for a reason, and I’ve created this blog for a reason. It’ll be filled with my writing – just to get it out there, see what people think – and a few pointless words…such as this opening paragraph.

My beautiful sister suggested that I post the piece below since she felt it was a powerful one, and why not open with a powerful statement? There’ll be more to come, so pull up a chair…well you’re at your desk, why wouldn’t you have a chair..unless you’re at one of those airport internet kiosks, in which case, get off line and hurry up to your flight of poor service and screaming infants.

Anywho, I hope everyone enjoys the T. Anthony Chronicles, and help keep my nom de plume by not addressing me by my actual name…lest embarrassment befall “the family.” Cheers!

An Open Letter To My Family – please forward the article below to anyone who’s family to you;

To each and every one of you, near and far, still at home and long ago moved far away – I feel we often forget that, despite our distance, (physical or imaginary) we are still one family.

Joined by blood, bonds and experience.

To my cousins, my aunts, my uncles and all of the little ones, our next generation of leaders, never forget how important we are to one another. Be it 5 minutes or 5 million miles of distance, know that only one phone call is all it takes to ask for help, support, love and unity.

Come together, my family, in mind and spirit fore the distance in miles has created a distance in mind.

Too often we forget the important role that each of us plays in this unit of power – how necessary we all are for this chain combined. It is unfortunate that it is only at times of great pain, such as the loss of a member of our troupe, that we all come together to remind one another of the great love that we have to offer and the strength that we have.

There are times when we bicker and fight within our ranks, and any general will tell you that that just creates disaster for us all.

Too often we forget that we are all here for the same goal – success in the life we are given – with the same materials – a brilliant mind to achieve the unachievable, and the constant support and cheering on of this our family. Let not the petty moments in life fog up the reality of what is before you, forbid the concept of your family offering you anything but total love and respect – the moment we’ve lost this, we have lost everything.

There are individuals who aren’t nearly as blessed as we are with each other. Families torn apart by petty concepts like money and attitude. How easy it is to forget the importance of each link in our chain, each voice over Thanksgiving, each face in that photo.

It’s true we grow up, go on and go far, but it hurts to see just how much we’ve begun to take one another for granted and think we can leave each other.

We are not friends that can be cast aside, nor ex’s that can be “divorced” away – we are blood that is bound for life to each other and no manner of energy, hatred or anger can tear that bond away.

I’d like for each of you, as you read this letter – every one of you, my cousins, my aunts, my uncles, all of their children, all of their spouses, I don’t care if we’re related by blood or by marriage – but I want you to take just 5 minutes from your life today and call up a family member, ANY family member, and tell them how important they are to you and to the family.

If you have any doubts about doing that, think deep and long as to why.

Ask yourself if you wouldn’t like to hear something like that every now and again. If you really want to show the power of family, call someone you wouldn’t call, call a cousin or an aunt or a distant relative you haven’t spoken to in months or years – just call them and say “I just wanted to let you know that I love you and that you are important to me.”

I know all this sounds hokey and a little silly, and some of you may say “well we already know that,” but what could it hurt?

There’s too much anger and nit picking (stop denying it, you know it’s true) and not enough of the important things – love and support. When everyone else is gone, who else are you going to have?